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How to Delete your Online Identity

In my previous post, we discussed methods to clean your local identity. Remember, local refers to the files and programs

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The Power of Minimalism

The power of minimalism is by far one of the best tips and habits to adhere to when

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What is a pension?

If you have recently become employed you would have been offered to join a pension scheme. In simple

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What is Stamp Duty Tax?

When you buy a property or land in England or Northern Ireland, you will sometimes need to pay

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Financial Independence, Retire Early – What Is It?

The Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) lifestyle movement has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Originating

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8 Tips For Safer Browsing On The Internet

Our online privacy is constantly being attacked. Many of the services we use are frequently trying to harvest

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What is Metadata and Why is it Dangerous?

What is Metadata and Why is it Dangerous? Every day millions of people are sharing their personal information

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What is Bitcoin for Dummies.

You may have heard of Bitcoin or recently read Elon Musk bought bitcoin with Tesla stock, or seen

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